how do I talk to my daughter about her twin dying

Geezy - posted on 10/07/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




She's still little, but I think about it all the time. I want her to know that she has a sister, but don't know when or how I should start talking about it.


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Jenny - posted on 01/26/2014




So you think about it all the time. Do you really want her to think about it all the time as well, especially since she wouldn't have any real idea on how to process those emotions. Or even really how she should feel and would really be getting most of her emotional response as a reflected emotional response from you. Currently there are no negatives and no positives for her not knowing such a thing. The possible huge negatives and very limited positives for telling your daughter something she can't process in any real way seems disastrous.

Ana - posted on 01/22/2014




You could wait until she has had sex education. I mean, I have 2 girls and if one of them had a twin that died, i'd probably wait to tell them after the sex ed class just so they would understand how reproduction and child birth and how no one knows how things are going to turn out.

I guess I would not want to see my daughter upset and mourning at a young age when she really cannot even fathom what being the living twin really means, or why her twin had to die.

I just feel like it would take away a little of her childhood bliss to know and she still won't understand. What is she supposed to do after she knows.. the emotions could run wild.

Junior High school is when I would do it, like age 12 or over, if I was going to tell her, but to really think of it, I'd wait till she was 18.

God Bless

Sophie - posted on 10/07/2013




Let's try by telling her there's someone who wants to make friends with you. Then you introduced Twin.

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