How do I teach my 3 year old about strangers?

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I am so bothered that when someone knocks on the door, my son runs strait to it. What if some day its someone who wants to break in? My son is super friendly and will talk to anyone, which I encourage, but at the same time, how do I teach him about "Stranger Danger"?


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According to new reports "stranger danger" isn't all that it was cracked up to be. Rather than look to the old way of thinking about strangers the focus now is on safety. My daughter in law has a 3 year old from a prior marriage. He is so happy and precious, loves everyone. She placed additional locks very high up on the door so that he couldn't open the door himself. When someone comes to the door and he use to run to it she would tell him to step away. She then would have him go sit on the couch and wait for him to be seated to open it to people other than family members. This taught him to be safe, rather than who should be looked at as a stranger.

He no longer runs to the door when the door bell rings. When he did he was reminded that it was mommy who always gets the door.


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Yeh like previously stated 3 is to young to understand the dangers of strangers gosh when my son was that age he would tell random people everything about us lol it took a while but the message finally sunk in around 4nhalf to 5 that only close people can have that information lololol n he's still the kind of lad that will give his heart to anyone bless him,like the mummy's have said as long as u make sure he knows mummy answers the door first n place a high lock u will be fine for now

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I have one. That was the first investment I made lol. Thank you though:)

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Put a lock on the door that he can't open on his own. It is difficult to teach a child this age about stranger danger to the point where it won't be a danger to them, which is why they should be supervised. With a lock on the door, he can't open it unsupervised by you. Problem solved :)

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