How do I tell my 10 year old boy he has ADHD?


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~♥Little Miss - posted on 07/19/2011




I would be honest with him, Especially if you are going to have him on meds. Kids now a days know all about add/adhd. It is nothing new, or weird. Actually really common. I think the more honest you are, the better time you will both have dealing with it and treating it properly.

Neva - posted on 07/19/2011




There are several types of ADHD, primarily hyperactive type, inattentive type and mixed. Symptoms include acting as if being driven by a motor, inability to stay on one task , losing homework or materials to do homework, avoidance of acitivities that require concentration, interrupting conversations. These symptoms must be present in more than one setting, such as home, school and play, and affect school work, peer relationships, etc. Symptoms must also been observed prior to age 6 or 7. The best way to know for sure if your child has ADHD is to have him evaluated by his pediatrician or a school psychologist. He should have a thorough physical exam, as well, because other conditions such as depression, anxiety, anemia, thyroid issues can mimic ADHD

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