how do i train my boy to sit up?


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Happy - posted on 04/22/2012




Why do you need to train him to sit up? Why can't he just do it when he's ready?

Elfrieda - posted on 04/21/2012




My son managed to sit up when he was 9 months old, same as crawling. You just need to give him lots of time on the floor and he'll get there.

[deleted account]

How old is your son? Yes, when babies are ready to lift their heads, roll from side to side, sit up they will. Their muscular system is growing and maturing, so when they will ready, they will. Some babies sit up early, some later on the normal spectrum. My son hit all of his milestones towards the end of the normal range time frame, but he hit them. For the record, please refrain form using the phrase "train my son". It comes across as training a puppy. Hope this help!

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