how do i try and get my daughters father to notice her

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my daughters father walked out on me when i was 8 months pregnant he still talked to me and everything than all of a sudden he just went reall nasty i soon found out after that, that he was seein another girl and she was pregnant but the kid wasnt his. as soon as she come into the pic things changed big time. he ended up being there for the birth of our daughter and stayed in the picture till she was two weeks old but now all he seems to care about is his new gf. at his house he had a whole baby room set up for our daughter but now that he dosnt want her he has givin it all to his new gf for her baby which mind you it isnt even his kid. i just want him to notice our daughter and some how show him how special and beautifull she is but howw can anyone tell me i no most people think he dont deserv it after what he has done but i want my daughter to have a father and this isnt him he is never like this.


Michelle - posted on 01/14/2012




Unfortunately you can't make someone do something they don't want to do.

All you can do for now is keep him updated via emial or phone with photo's etc. Don't push him to see her but make sure he knows that he can see her when he wants to make arrangements.

As long as you keep the communication lines open he can't then blame you for keeping his daughter away from him. Make sure you keep all of the send messages (that's why I suggested email) so you have proof that you have done your best. Hopefully when the novelty of his new GF wears off he will want to spend more time with his daughter.

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