How do i view the comments i made on other peoples questions?


[deleted account]

On the upper right hand side of your screen there's a few icons. From left to right they are: a person with a plus sign (lights up of someone requests o be in your inner circle), an envelope (lights up when you have a new personal message), two people (lights up when you have new alerts), a box with your profile picture, and something that says 'MY ACCOUNT' (where you can click on to get different options about your account).

To find all your recent posts, scroll over the one with two people and a drop down menu will appear. The second option down is 'View your recent posts' - click on it and it will take you to a seperate page with all your most recent posts. :)


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Crystal - posted on 04/26/2011




go back to the conversation you posted on & scroll through until you find your comment. also if somebody likes or finds it useful/helpful there will be an icon in the right hand corner of your page saying which post the comment is left on.

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