How do I wean my 9 month old from bottle feeding?

Sujyothi - posted on 07/20/2012 ( 5 moms have responded )




Hello everyone,

My son is 8 and half months old and I am trying to wean him from feeding bottle. He just refuses to drink from his sipper. Absolutely dislikes drinking water or watery substance in any form. An absolute no to soups and water. So I am addressing two issues in one question.
a) Weaning away from the feeding bottle
b) Making him like water- also helping him to learn using the sipper.

Hoping to receive some tips :)




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Sujyothi - posted on 07/31/2012




Thanks a billion Emily! Loved ur response, polite and effective.Will do accordingly!

Emily - posted on 07/29/2012




I wouldn't try weaning from the bottle until at least a year. They're supposed to get most of their nutrition from breast milk or formula for the first year. Babies have an intense need to suck, whether that's from the breast or bottle.. either way it's comforting, and I wouldn't be in a hurry to take it away. Just keep offering a sippy with water or formula at meals. Eventually he'll take to it, in his own time. This is not something you can force. Some people even go right to a regular cup. For some reason some babies/toddlers like this better.

Dove - posted on 07/29/2012




I agree with Juilanne. Maybe you could offer him a sippy cup with his formula in it once a day when he's kind of hungry, but not starving. Just make it a casual thing like you don't care if he takes it or not. Get him used to the concept a little with time and patience.

I drink a lot of water, so I usually offered water out of my drinks to my kids. They all LOVE drinking water. Worth a try, but again... time and patience and make it no big deal. ;)

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Wait until he's older? He's only 9 months old. When my daughter was that age she mainly drank breast milk and ate maybe once a day. She never drank water. Now she's 2.5 yrs and loves water because i didn't "make her" drink it and like it. I simply kept it available to her starting around a year.

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