How do I wean my Son off the pacifer?

Kerri - posted on 11/30/2010 ( 12 moms have responded )




My almost 2 year old son is still using the pacifer and my husband thinks he should be done with it and so do i, but the problem is he won't go to bed if he does not get one and he is not feeling well cause he is teething what should i do ? I could use all the help that i can Get

What should I do ?????


Gemma - posted on 12/01/2010




have you tried the pacifier fairy? its meant to be great way of weaning them off it. If he is communicating well this should work. Get him to get all of his pacifiers together and put them in an envelope and explain to him that the pacifier fairy needs them for the little babies that have just been born and then get him to put them in your postbox/on the doorstep and when he has gone to bed take the pacifiers out of the envelope and replace them with a toy that he would enjoy to play with so that in the morning he can check if the fairy has been and will find the toys tha have replaced his pacifiers. Once you start it be strong and stick to it or it will be harder to do when you try again.
hope this helps.

Sara - posted on 12/01/2010




We took and popped a little hole in the rubber part of the pacifier they suck on. My daughter didn't think it was too great after that and agreed it was broke and was willing to throw it away....waited a few days and cut a little hole in the next one. With my son, we said if he wanted to suck on the pacifier, he had to be in his bed...which is where it always stayed. Sometimes, he would chose the pacifier. But, most of the time he wanted to be around everyone else without it. Eventually, he grew out of wanting it.


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When my kids were small I used a pacifier for the first 6 months or so and then threw it away. You're not tempted when it isn't there. I have always thought that there is nothing that looks more stupid than a toddler (or older) with a "binky". It's also not good for developing teeth.

Libbi - posted on 12/01/2010




My now 14 yr old son loved his pacifier! Around 2, when he still needed help to get out of the crib, we had him hand it over before we would get him out of bed. That way he only had access to it when he was sleeping, he needed that self soothing mechanism. My nephew also used it the same way. My sister in law and I both sent the "binky" away to the "baby animals at the zoo" when the boys were about 3 1/2 - at that point they didn't need the self soothing quite so much and their teeth were starting to move due to the constant sucking at night. The pediatrician assured us both that the teeth would right themselves, and within a week or so they did! Our reason for keeping the binky as long as we did is that both families traveled a great deal and the binky is a god send on planes - helps to keep them soothed, calm AND helps with ear popping. In the end, you have to judge your child - good luck! Remember - and I saw this from the vantage point of having teenagers - don't over think things - you'll make yourself, and the baby, crazy!

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One thing I did was to always keep them collected together somewhere. Like, don't leave any laying around the house. Know how many you have and keep track of them. That way, once you do get rid of it, he won't find one somewhere and cause the whole process to start over. Around 18 months, I noticed that my son only really needed one during naps and at bed time. So I took a trip to the grocery one day without a paci (hoping like crazy he didn't "need" one at the store) and you know what? He was totally fine. So after that I stopped using them in the car or trips to the store. I stopped putting them in the diaper bag or my purse. Only used them at home. Then, gradually, I'd take it away at nap here and there and then finally, when he was around 2ish, the only time he was using it was at bed time. One day he tossed it in the garbage and I asked him, "You want to throw your pacis away?" He knew that what went in the garbage went away forever because since he could walk he loved taking his own diapers (except the messy ones) to the garbage. Soon as I gave him the opportunity to toss them all, he did it, laughing the whole time. I admit that I did save one, kinda like an "In Case Of Emergency Break Glass" thing lol Luckily, he never needed it and after he was 2 days paci free I tossed my emergency one.

Keri - posted on 12/01/2010




Just get rid of them. Either throw them all away or have him put them in a baggy to give to another baby and get them out of the house. You may have a couple of rough nights, but it will get better.

Jackie - posted on 12/01/2010




I was going to suggest what Gemma suggested. i've heard that that works really well. It gives them more control and makes them feel like they had an option and it wasn't forced. It also makes them feel good about helping other lil babies :)

Lisa - posted on 12/01/2010




Both of my boys had pacifiers and loved them. We started around 2 and they only had at bedtime. We replaced them with some kind of 'lovie'. My one son had a blanket and the other used a bear. I put a pin hole in the binkie itself so the actual sucking of it would not work (now has air going through it). Also talked about big boys and how they don't use binkies. If that doesn't work you could tell him a made up story about how Santa needs binkies and put them in a jar and leave out on xmas eve for him to take.

Lucy - posted on 12/01/2010




My son only ever had his dummy at bed time, but I did notice that his front two teeth were looking a little wonky at about 18 months so decided it was time to get rid of it.

I used my Mum's advice and told him that the tooth fairy (who he had heard about) doesn't just take teeth, but dummies too, as they use them for the chimneys on their fairy houses. After that, Rowan was only too keen to leave the dummies out for the fairies. He even drew them a little picture of a house with a dummy chimney, and was delighted the next day to find that the fairy had left him £1 which he spent on a ball at the local shop. He never asked for his dummies again, and always tells people that the fairies bought him his favourite ball!

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I was worried about the same thing w/ my daughter. One night, my parents were visiting and Grandma just said " You don't need that old yucky thing! Why don't you give it to Bee Bop (grandpa, who she adores!)?" She walked over and gave it to him and that was it! I couldn't believe how easy it was! She asked for it a couple of times after that, but no big deal. And here I was totally prepared for a huge battle :-)

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My pediatrician recommended getting rid of the pacifier at one year. With my first one, we were travelling out of state when she was 13 months old, so we waited until we got home. For about a week, I restricted it to the car and crib only, then I just took it away. That first night, she looked around the crib for it, then just went on to sleep. My two sons that followed were the same way. In my experience, the earlier you get rid of it, the better. It was absolutely a non-event with all three of my kids. Same with the bottle. That went away at the same time as the paci. Good luck!

Iysha - posted on 11/30/2010




Wait until he's done teething and then just throw it away. Teething can be a tough time and if he's used to it, he needs that comfort. After a few days of not having it, he wont even think anything of it. For the moment, try to keep it at just bed time/naps. My daughter is the same way. We had her off it but we drove across the country to move and her dad insisted we give it back to her for the trip so she could be comfortable. NICE GOING DAD! He and I have different oppinions on the But, she was all done with it for at least a month until then =]

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