how do u adjust your one year old to a newborn?

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I have a son who will be one on the ninth, and I just had a baby girl on the second. I am a stay at home mommy while thrre father works full time, all the while attempting to breastfeed.. I want to give my lil girl the attention she needs but I dont wanna neglect my son or make him feel unimportant,,.Im doing well with it at the moment but any advice would help *********************


Amanda - posted on 08/06/2012




When my 2 were tiny I would give my son a cup of milk and read to him while I fed my daughter.
Another thing I used to do was sit on the floor and feed while we played a game with cars or stacking cups or a ball or I would just have him tuck in next to me and we would sing songs.

I also suggest spending as much one one time with him as you can. I found something that my son really enjoyed and made that our special time. Bath time was one of those things so I used it as a time that he had my undivded attention and we would splash and giggle and make lots of mess with bubbles


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Do things with your son while your daughter is sleeping. Ask your husband to watch the baby so you two can go out together. I can imagine how hard it would be having 2 very little ones!

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