how do u stop the poop artist?

Cassandra - posted on 05/01/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




My 4 year old stepson is refusing to use the bathroom now so hes back in daipers. He knows when he has to pee or poop and his favorite pass time now is to poop and smear it everywhere. Ive tryed everything to stop it. Taking him to the bathroom every hour then every half hour it hasnt stopped. The major problem im facing along with this is he is one of 7 kids and hes the second oldest so he has taught the other kids by example and they are now starting to do it. im at a loss ive even had him seen by a consulor and he says its he rebling because he wants his actual mom. The problem is she wants nothing to do with him. Please help I cant take much more of this!


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Tina - posted on 05/01/2012




maybe you should let him clean up his mess. Just a thought i learnt as a kid not to dectorate the walls or i had to clean them. Otherwise maybe he just needs more one on one time and fun though it's hard with that many children.

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