How do u take care of a baby that teethin?


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Angie - posted on 04/21/2011




Hi Terri I had five children and a peice of leather would help them with teething. And making sure you wipe thier gums after feeding with a warm wash cloth. I hope this is a help to you and your child.

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If the teethers that go in the fridge don't work (my son doesn't like them) get a pack of cheap dish rags from Target or something for a few dollars, wet them down and freeze them. They get to chew on it, it mushes better and really helps alot. There's more texture and play, and they are cheaaaaap :)

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For us the numbing gels didn't work. She hated them and it made her even more grumpy if that was possible. I did a lot of trial and error and what worked the best for her was giving her infant tylenol about 1/2 hour before bed to help ease the pain for her to sleep. Then during the daytime we used the teethers that are filled with gel that you can put in your freezer or fridge. As she got old enough we used popsicles as well. And sometimes she was happy with just a cool wet washcloth that she could suck and chew on. I hope this helps!

Louise - posted on 04/21/2011




There are many things you can buy at the chemist these days to stop the pain of teething, gels, pain relief paracetamol but the one that worked for my little ones was calomine crystals which is a herbal option and can be used up to 6 times a day.You rub the crystals on there gums and it soothes and takes the heat out of the gums giving the baby some relief. I also bough gel filled teethers that I put in the fridge to help when things got to much for them. There is no need for your child to be in pain these simple ideas are not expensive and are easy to get hold of.

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