how do you balance being a mom and working and going to school?


Stephanie - posted on 04/20/2009




I'm mom pretty much on the weekends and later in the day. I go to classes in the mornings and I work in the afternoons at a place where I can do homework which is great because I can actually get 2 things done at once. Then I do more homework after our son goes to sleep. Time management is how I've made it through without going crazy.


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I am a mother of 7 (ages 17,15,10,7,4,4,2), I work two part time jobs, and am a full time grad student. Everyone's situation is different, and you really have to look at what kind of support you have from your family, what kind of child care situation you can find, and what you are willing to sacrifice to go to school. I will admit that it is a very difficult situation and has caused a lot of strain on my family the last two years. The bonus is that I will be able to get a great job as a school counselor and spend a lot more time with my children from now on. Just remember that you have to work very hard at this. It means not being able to study until late at night, or learning to study with lots of interruptions. Most of the time you will have to study alone, and work alone, so if you are someone who needs study groups that can be difficult. The schedules of single people are a lot more flexible and they aren't going to be willing to work around yours very often. Anyway....just a few thoughts. In the long run it's worth it, but be prepared to sacrifice a lot and work hard.

Renee - posted on 04/20/2009




I work full time, take a full course load and have an almost two year old daughter. The only way that I get through it is thinking that it will be worth it when I graduate and that I have come too far to throw it all away now (I'm a senior in College, two more semesters til I graduate with my Bachelors in Accounting).

I try my hardest not to have to work overtime, and I try to spend as much time as possible on the weekends with her. (I do let her spend the night with her grandmother one night a week, just so I can get some rest and clean my house)

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I am a stay at home mom now. But I was teaching at a private school, taking post grad courses & had 3 boys at the time.....It's hard work mama! As soon as I was able to leave work, I left. I rathered carry loads of papers home & grade there. I graded papers and studied for exams late at nights. I thrived on the fact that "it's not going to be like this forever."


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