How do you begin the weaning process?

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My son is 20 months and I still breast feed him regularly (about 5-6 times a day) most of those feedings are done because he uses nursing as a comfort and soothing mechanism. My plan is to go to 2 years (possibly beyond) but I would like to cut some of the feedings out, not because I want to (I love our special bond) but I feel it's time. I would like to get the feeding down to a morning and night schedule. My son though is very very attached to it. I have no idea where or how to even begin doing this. An honestly I'm scared if I take it away from him when he's not ready, I might destroy a piece of our bond some how (sorry if that sounds crazy, I just don't know how else to word it, basically I just don't want to loose the bond we share) any advice would be appreciated. Thanks ladies :)


Celeste - posted on 03/09/2014




There are a few ways. I would start removing a session. I nursed twin boys and I placed limits by slowly taking away sessions. Here are some of the things I did:

-distraction or delays. Offer a snack instead. I would try to keep them busy so they'd forget. I would also avoid the place where we'd nurse

-shorten sessions: I'd sing them a song tell them after the song was over, "nah nahs" were finished

It will not destroy your bond. The bond is always there. My boys were not happy at first but they adjusted.

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