How do you convince your daughter that she's not mature enough to move out by 18 to 19 yrs.mof ge?


Dove - posted on 04/30/2015




You don't. She's an adult and it's her decision. What you CAN do is ask her to sit down w/ you and talk about her plan... Maybe you will see she really is mature enough and if you find faults in her plan you may be able to talk to her like an adult and share your wisdom of why that may not work as well as she thinks it will. The ultimate decision is up to her though and if you really don't think she is mature enough for it your best approach would be to let her know that your door is always open for her no matter what. If you try and convince her not to move and she does it anyway... she may feel she can't come back if she discovers you were right.

Raye - posted on 04/30/2015




I am curious as well on why you think she's not mature enough to move out. She may have to learn the hard way, by just doing it. You don't want to see your child struggling, but you can't protect them forever. At some point you have to allow them in the water and see if they'll sink or swim.


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♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 04/30/2015




LOL...You don't. She's 18, and an adult. She should be wanting to move out and move forward in her life. Rather than trying to convince HER that she's not mature enough, you should be reviewing what you taught her to make sure she's got the proper tools to succeed and move ahead.

Cutemommy - posted on 04/30/2015




Let her know all of the things you will stop helping her with if she moves out. You can't really convince her to stay you can only educate her on the way it is going to be to live on her own. Ask her why she wants to move out so bad and see if you can work something out.

Jodi - posted on 04/30/2015




You don't. If she wants to do it, she will do it. But what makes you think she isn't mature enough? Surely you raised her to be independent and self-sufficient?

All you can do is let her know that if it doesn't work out there will always be a room for her at home.

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