How do you cope with morning sickness?

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Jessica - posted on 02/03/2017




What helped me and is now helping a friend of mine if saltine crackers and No to morning sickness tea. Eat and drink a little before you even try to get up and walk around. Force yourself to eat.. even if its' just crackers or a handful of nuts.

[deleted account]

Th only thing that helped me was caffeine free coke. You can't have the caffeine in regular coke or the aspartame of diet coke. It is not the easiest to find, but the phosphoric acid in it helps. I don't drink coke generally, but it was the only thing that helped me during 4 full months of morning sickness. Hope that helps.

Camille - posted on 06/02/2009




The Preggie Pop Drops~ go to Motherhood and search them, they are like little candy drops. about 5$ for a pack. or if you have a motherhood maternity near you, they should have them in the store.

User - posted on 06/02/2009




Sorry if am sounding a little stupid but what is Preggie Pop Drops? never heard of it before...

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