How do you deal with a neighbor that has 3 kids witha newborn, that has no job, no car, no refrigerator, and always asking me for money or rides to places? It breaks my heart, but I have my own family to raise.


Chaya - posted on 08/28/2012




Refer her to resources in the community that can help her get a refrigerator, bus tokens or tickets, whatever is needed. If you have a 211 system in your community, that's a good place to start, otherwise, contact local missions or churches for advice

The other thing you may wish to consider is making it clear to her you are only available to give her a ride on one day a week, or specify the circumstances. (Only on days I go to the grocery store, ornly to dr's appts, etc)

The best thing to do is to help where you can, but refer her to people who can help


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