how do you entertain your children without a budget? ages 12 and 21?

Christi - posted on 03/24/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




When you have no budget for anything but bills and food, what do you do for entertainment?


Elizabeth - posted on 03/25/2011




sorry ..I agree with the other ladies..they don't want to hang out with mom at those ages


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Emily - posted on 03/25/2011




I don't quite agree that children that age don't want to hang out with their mothers. My mom had 8 kids, and not one of them thought she was "uncool", or didn't want to hang out with her. (She's a great mom - doesn't take herself too seriously.) The idea that kids don't want to hang out with their parents is perpetrated by the media, and perpetuated by the school system. Buck the system, and teach your kids that it isn't normal for kids to avoid spending time with their parents.

You have the internet, right? Poke around online and find the free movies they can watch - there's TONS. I'm not sure where you are, but in the US where I am, a lot of bowling alleys have free bowling for kids all summer long. You can buy "free" games for you and your 21 year old for $25. Not bad for bowling literally every day from May to Sept. A lot of movie theaters have free movie days during the summer, usually a Monday or Tuesday morning. Many, if not all, museums have free days. Zoos do as well. You could take up hobbies like hiking, or nature journalling. You could bake together. You could teach them something that you know, or you all could try something new together. The information to be had on the internet is mind-boggling. I do all of these things with my kids. We don't have any money budgeted for entertainment either. We homeschool, and money is tight even without that expense.

Probably the best thing you could do is figure out a way to get your kids to contribute to the income, so they can supply the money needed for entertainment. They could go onto sites like "Freecycle" and find nice things to resell. They could walk dogs or do yard work. It doesn't take much work to provide the money for the week's fun. HTH!

Louise - posted on 03/25/2011




Believe me at age 12 your kids do not want to be entertained by mum. All they want to do is go around so and so's house and play on their game stations. If you do have a child that wants to be entertained then go to the park and take a picnic and frizzby and ball. At this age children are normally more independant and don't want to be seen with mum so un cool!

Casey - posted on 03/25/2011




Well I don't think there is much you can do to entertain a 21 year old I think when I was 21 I was pretty much able to entertain myself (or maybe my other half Steve was doing most of the entertaining) but as for the 12 year old there is still heaps of thing you can do on a budget depending on where you live have a look around at local museums and art galleries alot of them don't charge admission prices, start teaching your 12 year old to cook it is such an important skill for people to learn and one that is so often over looked by parents and it can be fun if you do it together, if your 12 year old is a girl get her to put on her favourite music and get her to teach you some of her dance moves and then you put on some of your "older" favourite music and teach her how you used to dance in your day and you can both have a chuckle at each other, see if there is a national park or wildlife sancutary near by that you could visit together and take some nice pictures together try and be creative, give each other a makeover by letting her do your hair and makeup and you do hers and don't let each other see the results until your both done (pressuming your 12 year old is a girl), get them to pick out their fav movie and have a movie and popcorn day if the weather is crap, maybe you could both volunteer at your local animal shelter one saturday a month for something different and rewarding. Ok so I am out of ideas at the moment I vaguely remember being 12 years old and I think at that age I was mostly into riding my horse, hanging out with my friends and attempting to flirt with the boy down the road but I used to spend alot of time with my mum too and we always had a good time no matter what we were doing :)

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