how do you explain to your child that their father is no longer in the picture after the father has been there?

Ariel - posted on 09/05/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




this is kinda werid for me. never posted anything like this on a website but i need some advise on what to tell my son. My son is six yrs old and his father has decided to sign away parental rights to him. my son already know of him because we have been on and off since his birth. he always asks me to call his dad and that he wants to see him. I never know what to say. its been pretty recent since he signed away his rights. any advice would be greatly appreciated! :)


Rebecca - posted on 09/08/2012




when my ex left he made it clear he wanted no communication with our son however if he wanted to phone his Dad I would let him I felt my ex should have to explain himself to his child our son didnt stop phoning his Dad until his Dad phoned one day to talk to me I had it on speaker phone so he heard his Dad say he didnt want to talk to him it is hard I tell my son the truth that his Dad left cause he didnt want a family it is hard but children deserve honesty


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Sophia - posted on 09/06/2012




just tell him at this time daddy is not acting like --- daddy are to... And I love you more them you will ever understand . I want you always, I am sooooo happy just being your mom. And explain that you feel that you and him make a great family.

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