How do you Feel About Religions and the People who Practise Them?

♥♪Megan♫♥ - posted on 06/10/2012 ( 12 moms have responded )




Ok I know you all are probably thinking FML another religious thread. Really lady are you masochistic or something? Well not really. I'm not asking for thoughts on God or if I'm doomed for Hell fire if I don't believe the one true path. Just religion in general. ANY religion though not just Christianity (because I believe a lot of us have heard a bit too much about it). Also if you could put in what country you're from or live in now that would be nice too. It could be interesting to see if geography might play a role in how people veiw religions. I'm originally from Upstate New York, but I now live in British Columbia

As for myself I've seen people use their beliefs in different ways. My ex practised Satanism and then Wicca just for the shock vaule of telling someone what he did practise. Not because he enjoyed being able to worship himself (okay he did) or because he respected polytheistic Earth base religions that pre-date Christianity, but because he liked to shock people and get attention. I feel he may still be doing it now by claiming to be a born again Christian.

My mama on the other hand feels that her Catholic beliefs and prayers to St Theresa and the Virgin Mary and her candles can help people. Either just to give her peace of mind that things are going well for her friends and family or to give someone an extra push for a new job or so the government files their paperwork faster. My mama's Catholic faith also seems to bring her some peace of mind for herself.

I've seen people use religion to dictate their lives and beliefs as well. I don't like what it seems to do to people like that because it makes them unbending and they seem less likely to question their faith. Then they seem to try and force it on others.

I feel religion (any religion) if approached properly does give some people some help or guidance. When I was in high school it did seem to help more because I felt I needed God the Saints and whomever else I could pray to to get myself through 4 years of Hell School. But now I don't feel I need it as much- maybe it's because I've grown out of it? Eh maybe that's another question to add. Anyways I'm rambling now. So I'll just stop now.


Stifler's - posted on 06/11/2012




I've grown out of religion. It really has no place in our lives at the moment. I'm not sure if I believe in a God at all and I really don't appreciate the constant religious stuff on here anytime someone posts a question people always bring up God and what the bible says as if everyone believes in the same thing, newsflash, we don't. I really hate when religions try to dictate the law too aka gay marriage shouldn't be passed because the bible says homosexuality is an abomination and I really hate people coming to my door to talk about it.

Xtina - posted on 06/11/2012




I used to feel sorry for religious people and had a pathological need to "enlighten" them (in my younger days) but now I feel its wrong to try and rock someones faith just because you dont share their beliefs. I will never understand how people can believe things so readily and blindly, but if it brings them comfort and happiness that is up to them. However, if someone is trying to "save" me from eternall damnation or whatever then i will happily help them to understand my viewpoint a little more clearly ;)

Denikka - posted on 06/11/2012




If religion can be broken down to its basic message, I see nothing wrong with it. I have a firm belief that I don't care what you believe in, just believe in something. Religion, science, a giant spaghetti monster, just something to hold in your heart.
I do NOT like what man has done to religion (mainly Abrahamic religions-Christianity, Judaism, Muslim). It's a corrupt system, built upon a wonderful message, and used to control.
I find Eastern religions (Asian, Indian, Buddhism mainly) to be less about *religion* and more about *spirituality*.
I personally think spirituality is MUCH more important than religion, of ANY kind, could EVER be.

Sylvia - posted on 06/11/2012




I'm a bit conflicted about my own religion (I love many aspects of it, but I hate how it's used in some communities to oppress people), and there are aspects of many religions that I have trouble understanding (like, what's with the whole celibate priests thing??). But basically my feeling is, if your faith / your practice makes you a better and/or happier person without hurting anyone else, then hooray! If on the other hand your religious beliefs require or encourage you to do horrible things to other people, or even to persistently attempt to force your beliefs on other people (through "witnessing" or legislation or public shaming or whatever), then I have a problem with your religion.

Krista - posted on 06/11/2012




I don't really understand how people can follow a religion, but if someone's faith (be it Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Wicca, or what-have-you) brings them fulfillment and happiness, then hey...good for them. I'm glad they've found something that makes them happy.

I do not, however, have any respect for people who try to push their religions on others, or who try to have their religious beliefs made into the law of the land. I do not approve of Sharia law, and would not approve of ANY religious diktats being used to form legislation.

Basically, any religious person who is willing and able to live their life and let me live mine is okay in my book.


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♥♪Megan♫♥ - posted on 06/11/2012




Thankfully I only had the one. I'm from Upstate New York and even though a lot of people are religious there most respect your religion or lack there of. Here in British Columbia everyone seems about the same way.

I'm not a fan of Jehovah's Witnesses my MIL's mom has alzheimers and when she lived with my MIL a JW lady barged right into the house while my MIL was at work and scared her mom about there version of religion for a while and left her with a Watch Tower magazine. Needless to say my MIL was not impressed. She tried calling the Salmon Arm Kingdom Hall and never got an answer.

Stifler's - posted on 06/11/2012




oh none people are here are pretty cool i don't think any of my clients even went to church except one that I know of. But I have had a few people come to my door at my house wanting to lecture me about god.

♥♪Megan♫♥ - posted on 06/11/2012




Stifler, that's why I feel I grew out of religion myself. I don't like all the restrictions people want to pass all in the name of religion. It's not fair to assume that everyone in the country or even in your state or province believes as you do so why start to pass laws that restrict others from living their lives just because it bothers you.

When I was a care aide I sometimes had worse than just someone coming to my door to try and convert me. I had someone I took care of try to convert me for 2 hours a day 3 days a week. He was a JW I believe he requested I be taken off his case because he couldn't convert me. Go figure.

Louise - posted on 06/11/2012




I think if you believe in something that brings you comfort then what right does somebody else have telling them they are wrong. I really do not mind what religion people are as long as they respect that it is there opinion and should not be forced onto anybody else.

I am quite happy for all my kids to be taught a bit about each religion (which they do in every English school). My sons are adults and they have a general knowledge on every religion, like me we practise none of them. I celebrate christmas and easter because that is the religion of this country. We take part, it does not mean we are worshipers. I think if you can find comfort in kind words then that is great.

We all turn to something in times of sorrow, who am I to say it's wrong.

Medic - posted on 06/10/2012




I am from central Texas.....aka bible belt hell. I do feel that some use religion as means to control. Around here they are mainly run by men and they come off as controling even in their every day lives. I was raised in an orthodox methodist church and as an adult I have cemented my feelings towards science. I do feel that around here people are very accepting if you have a chirstian based religion but are quite put off if you have none.

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