How do you get a 41 yr old woman to realize how stupid she looks & sounds by picking on a 22yr old.

Arnette - posted on 07/25/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




My 22 yr old daughter posted something on facebook. My 30 yr old cousin that likes to keep up trouble told my sister that my daughter made a comment about her. Well, my sister has decided to make it her mission to pick on my daughter everytime she comes to my mothers house. Even though she knows the comment was not meant for her. In the mean time she knows that this distant cousin is a liar and has caused problems for her before but she chooses to let the cousin walk away and pick on my daughter. I have asked my sister to stop it and she continues on. I live with my parents because I lost my job. My daughter is looking for her own place because its time for her to move on. My sister in the meantime lives with her boyfriend but is always at my parents house causing problems. Anyway now my sister is upset with me because I told her she is way to old and has way to many kids to be picking on a 22 yr old and she knows what was posted was not about her. I in the mean time am looking for another job so that I can get myself and my son out of this negative environment. How can I make her see she needs help and she is wrong for what she is doing. Not to mention she looks like a damn fool. As it stands now when ever she comes over I leave and thank god my daughter is at work. But it will be cold soon. I can't sit in my car in the park for long. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sharlene - posted on 07/26/2012




Sorry but your sister sound's like a nosy B---H lol, Just tell your sister to butt out and worry about her own life and relationship. I would not be surprise her boyfriend likes to see her leave. lol. But make it clear to her to butt out of you and your daughters business. What do your parents think of this . And also can you and your daughter get a place together and don't mention the address to your sister. good luck

Tina - posted on 07/26/2012




If she starts just go in another room. Ignore her, same with her daughter. Tell her you refuse to acknowledge her when she is acting childish. Of course she will take offence but that is her problem. Some people just can't be told.


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