How do you get a man to be honest even when they mess up

Teresa - posted on 03/16/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




I know someone who got an std years ago from
Her husband but he says that she didn't get it
From him and she must of been had it. But if that was
The case it would have shown up a long time ago.
Well to make a long story short her husband went with her
To the doctor also and did not seem to be to angry
When confronted but got mad when she asked how
She got it and said you're not going to blame this shit
On me. What should she do because even after all
These years she's still angry with him and wants
To know the truth & it's affecting sex life & to top it all off
It's not something that can be cured. I'm hoping to get some
Good advice on this


Cecilia - posted on 03/16/2013




First, if he hasn't admitted to it- he isn't going to. She has two options- let it go or don't. If she really believes he cheated on her and gave her an STD she needs to act accordingly. You said "after all these years" so she's known for years... Why hasn't she acted before now??

The only way i can really think of to fix some of the martial problems is go to counselling. He still isn't going to admit to it though. If she is willing to stay with him then she has to work around her own feelings.

The truth is she either knows he cheated, or knows that she did. (or that she could have had it before) He doesn't have to admit to it for her to know. If she got tested regularly, she knows she didn't have it before, correct?

Since it is 2nd hand info, for all you know she did already have it, or might have and not known (if she didn't get tested like she should have) , or cheated herself and isn't willing to admit to it. The husband might have just been thinking she had it already and didn't tell him and got mad when she blamed him.

In my case, Yes I would know it was from him. He knows that too since I've had my testing and he's seen the results. He has been tested and I've seen the results. So if it just shows up out of no where- there would be divorce papers filed.

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