how do you get patience to deal with your child after working all day. I get home and just want to rest but can't. I have a 8 year old only one child who is spoiled and always wants my attention.


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Jodi - posted on 02/27/2014




Yep, I totally get it....I teach kids all day and then come home to my own. In fact, one of them is 16 and in his last two years of school, so I can't even just organise dinner then bundle my kids off to bed so I can get a break. Some nights he is still needing my help late at night. It goes with the territory.

In all honestly, after working with some of the kids I work with, I go home and truly appreciate the children I have.

Renay - posted on 02/26/2014




hi Tanikkia- I'm no expert but if you take a step back, take a deep breath and remember that very soon there will come a day (probably the teen years) when you child may want nothing to do with you... you might change your perspective and truly appreciate that your 8 year old wants to be with you. As a working mom I do know how it can be challenging sometimes but I just want to remind you how very limited our time is with our children and to try (even if you are tired) to cherish each day with them. My Mom passed away unexpectedly a couple of years back and never got to meet my daughter. It really taught me the value of the people in my life and not to take any day for granted. All the best to you!

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