How do you get your ab muscles back together once they have been seperated from being pregnant? Is it even possible? And how soon can you start working out after pregnancy? I was active before and during my pregnancy so i feel like i shouldnt have to wait 6 weeks to get back to working out.


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There is a book specifically written for moms recovering from diastis called Mummy Tummy (just search Mummy Tummy on Amazon and it comes up). That book, along with yoga, was very helpful to me in healing my huge diastis (after twins). Don't rush it (I didn't start exercising till a year after my twins and was still able to get my stomach back together), and don't do anything till you take a look at the book, or work with someone who really understands this. Traditional crunches will make it worse.

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The other ladies are correct. It is called diastasis. Depending on the extent of the injury to your muscles you may not get them back together. The best advice is to begin with low impact cardio with muscle strengthening exercises for arms and legs. Let your abdomen recover fully, for some moms this takes several weeks to months. DO NOT DO CRUNCHES YET, it will only make it worse because crunches will pull those muscles further apart. Hang in there, if you really want your prepregnant body back, it can be done.

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Childbirth really does a number on you body (if you couldn't tell), whether you're fit or not. It's better safe than sorry. So definitely take it easy. I walked throughout my pregnancy and my midwife told me I could start walking again as soon as I got home. Let your body be your guide. If you start to get sore, stop! Waiting a few weeks to lose the weight will be much easier than dealing with complications of pushing yourself too hard. And just flexing your abs will help bring them back together. Don't start doing crunches until after the space between your muscles have come back together (according to Fit Pregnancy magazine).

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Your stomach muscles split when u are preg i think when doing sit ups u can sort of push them together. If u didn't have a ceaserian u can exercise obviously don't over do it but if u were already fit u should be fine. I'm only small and bounced back pretty quick before i felt like doing sit ups i would just practice tensing my stomach muscles and al;though its not a work out it can help with getting muscle control again as well as being great for your posture and back. hope it helps a little bit but i always say u can get so over whelmed with what to do with bub just take advice with a grain of salt as well and it'll all fit together for u.

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