How do you get yourselves motivated each day?

Karli - posted on 05/11/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




How do you each get yourselves motivated each day? I find myself struggling to get myself going most mornings. Whether it's housework, shopping, today it's gardening. Once it's done however, I feel rewarded but it's such an ordeal to get going. Yes, I drink coffee. Help!


Sarah - posted on 05/11/2016




I feel like that before I leave for work sometimes and during chores. I tell myself I need to do this for not myself but my son. I like music...when I'm on work I listen to some my work and lock off negative things.. Try listen to music while u do your housework..not just any music, music you really like, songs u like so much that u put them on


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MaryAnn - posted on 05/12/2016




I'm a SAHM on mat leave- service industry. I thrive on routine- and model my daily life after my work experience. I make my morning routine simple enough to run on autopilot, and once I have that caffiene surging through my veins, I write a list- yes on paper, with time goals. I find clear goals and accomplishments very motivating.
My husband does something that I totally idealize- but it just doesnt work for me. The very first thing he does every day is find his comfiest position to lie in, clears his mind of everything and counts slowly to ten. Then he exclaims "go", and just does. Like setting himself for a race or something.

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