How do you help a nine year old self esteem?

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My nine year old daughter just finish school for the summer. We thought that we would not have to go to summer school but found out today that she has got to go because she did not do as good on the ISTEPing as we thought. A lot of it had to do with her teacher telling her going into the test that she would not pass. Then about two weeks after this the teacher called her stupid. My daughter is pulling away from family and friends. She would rather be by herself then to be with someone. I feel so bad for her. I am trying to work with her. My husband helps me with her. But I just dont know what to do. I am praying about it. I just hope that someone might have an idea.


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We'll that is a nasty teacher! I mean I'm not trying to seem like a tattle tail but tell the principal!! That's not right for a teacher to be calling a nine year old stupid! Also like the mom down below said point out what she's good at!! And also make her happy! Talk to the teacher! That would be a great solution! Ask her why your calling my daughter stupid! And also ask her what she needs help on!!

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Well you have to undo the damage the teacher did. I am not bashing you but just praying is not going to fix the situation. Why don't you start talking to your daughter about how you struggled with something in your life and how it made you feel, then ask her how she feels about all this. Tell her that under no circumstances does anyone have the right to degrade her and help her with ways to defend herself against that bullshit. Let her have fun without shoving school down her throat sometimes and find ways to work what she needs help with into it. I homeschool so less than 5% of our school work is done at a desk. We have found ways to work learning into everything we do. Lastly ALWAYS REMEMBER TO POINT OUT WHAT SHE IS GOOD AT AND THAT YOU LOVE HER NO MATTER WHAT.

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