How do you keep a 2 1/2 year old to stay in there bed ?. This waking up every night is killing me !!

Nikki - posted on 07/12/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




My son Luke will be 3 years old in Nov. I have 4 boys and have never had sleeping problems with any of them. Every night he goes to be in his room with his brother Cole with no problem. He wakes up in the middle of the night and comes in my room. He wants the TV on or wants to go down stairs. I try and make him understand that it is night time and we still need more sleep. So to not have him FREAK out I let him climb into my bed and fall back to sleep. My husband gets up every morning about 5:00. I thought about just taking him back in his room and making him go back in his bed, But I know he will scream and want the TV on. He shares a room with his brother Cole and he is 5. I don't want to have 2 sleepy kids on my hands.. Any advice would be GREAT!! LOL


Katherine - posted on 07/12/2011




My daughter is the same age and I just sleep with her. Otherwise I wouldn't EVER get any sleep.
The only thing you could do is keep leading him back to his room, which could take all night, battle of the wills!!!! I would work with him on a weekend when you can afford to lose some sleep, or when your husband is home.
Other than that I got nothing. I'm in the same boat!!

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