How do you keep a baby in their diaper?

Sammy - posted on 10/05/2011 ( 8 moms have responded )




My son is going to be 1 on the 13th and for the last month to month and a half I have had trouble with him keeping his diapers on. He will constantly take his diaper off. I will put a new diaper on him and I no sooner get it on and he moves and then takes it off. I have tried to tell him not to take it off and moved his hands away from his diaper but so far nothing seems to be working. I never had this problem with my daughter when she was a baby. Has anyone else had this problem before? Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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I put my boy in pullups when he was a year old...for the exact same reason. Now, let me warn you..I do NOT like the name brand Huggie's Pullups. They have velcro sides which are a LITTLE bit EASIER to un-do than the diaper tabs. I prefer a store brand, Fred's Dollar Store...because they don't have velcro sides. Instead they have a solid elastic band that covers both hips. He can't take THAT off...for a while. Keeping him in some sort of clothes helps too..he had to take the shorts off before he could get to the diaper layer.
And like another Mom suggested, Maybe get a training potty for the livingroom floor. Everything I read said that taking off a diaper is a first sign of ready to try.
Good Luck!!!!!

Firebird - posted on 10/05/2011




I used to put my daughter's diapers on backward so she couldn't undo them. =)

Sammy - posted on 10/05/2011




No he doesn't. He hates to wear his clothes even if they are not scratchy or anything like that. He just likes to run around with nothing on I guess. I do try to at least keep a diaper on him at all times.

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Does he wears pants/shorts all the time? The one year old girl that I watch HAS to have some type of pants on or she will rip off her diaper. Sometimes when I change her diaper I have to restrap it half a dozen times before I can get her pants back on her.... kiddo is FAST. :)

Amy - posted on 10/05/2011




Possibly it his way of showing he is ready to potty train :) I know it seems early but all kids are different so maybe see if he will wear pullups instead...just a thought. Good luck!

Karen - posted on 10/05/2011




i kept a diaper shirt on my son while he went through that stage, worked for me as he couldn't get the buttons in the crotch undone to get at the diaper

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