How do you keep a clean home with young children around? (ages 2-4)

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I do the best I can. It seems that when my twins (2yrs old) are away at grannys house the house stays spotless and when they come back...boy oh boy do they come back. it take me hours to clean and it takes them seconds to destroy, so I usualy dont clean untill I kno they are sleep (which is kind of hard since they skipp naps now). How do you manage a clean house?


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Kristie - posted on 07/09/2012




If my momever flew down here from Boston she would probably say the house was gross not cleaned. She has ocd and and is such a clean"s unorganized organized chaos(amalways forgetting where I put things at)

Kristie - posted on 07/09/2012




I usually vacumm everyday. My house is never spotless unless hubby helps(he's the neat freak of the group) and that's usually when someone ie his parents comeover or people actually show up whenwe have parties. My 7 year old liked to vacuum so if and when the kids room is clean enough to see the floor, I let her vacuum. Susie has a specific job she does not let anyone help with(sorry if I repeat myself)which is put dishwasher bar In and lock and start. That's about every other day. If a d when I have a migraine they are pretty good with picking up.

Kimberly - posted on 07/09/2012




I only let them play in certain rooms in the house. Why should I let them destroy my things? That way, we're all happy.

Amy - posted on 07/03/2012




I live in controlled chaos, my house is never clean clean unless my mom comes to visit. Laundry goes in when I leave for work, and it's switched out when I get home. My 2 year old daughter loves to help so she hands me the clothes from the basket to fold and tries to help with the washcloths. It never actually gets put away! If I need to wash dishes I fill up half the sink for her to use to "help" wash and I use the other side. I try to run the vacuum once a week or every other, both my 6 year old and 2 year old help get stuff/toys off the floor. My 2 year old helps with the vacuuming. Mopping takes place every two weeks after the kids are asleep.

When I clean bathrooms I usually make sure my daughter is occupied with tv but I find the bathrooms are the easiest because the space is small. I also give the kids a bowl of soapy water and sponges to wash the walls when I have other stuff to do. If there are specific rooms to clean I let her make an isolated mess so I can get the rest of it clean, then we pick up her mess that she made.

We also have a fun game when I'm feeling really overwhelmed. We divide and conquer, my husband and son are a team and my daughter and I are another we then go through the house room by room and split it in half, it's a race to see who can get there half done first. Once it's all picked up I run the vacuum quick.

Tara - posted on 07/03/2012




I pick up a little bit when I get the chance during the day (my girls are 2 and 4 now). I also let them help me by encouraging them to put their toys away or get me the dustpan when I'm sweeping, or a dish towel when I wash dishes.

They are old enough now that I don't have to watch them constantly but I make sure they are within earshot/eyesight if I am doing something like washing dishes.

I will pick up a little bit each day during the day and maybe a little after they go to bed but I work at home after they go to bed so usually most of the picking up is done during the day.

My husband helps when he is home and we usually do a full-scale clean about once a week when he is home.

I usually prefer to spend my time with the girls first and pick up as/when I can rather than stress about whether or not my house is picture perfect.

♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 07/03/2012




There's a difference between showroom clean and homey clean.

Pick your battles. Maintenance is the best approach. And, since they're 2 now, you can start making cleaning a fun game for them too.

My showroom clean went away 17 years ago. Our home is clean, but cluttered, stuff doesn't always get put away, dishes are most definitely not always done. But, I'm ok with that. (I used to be the vacuum every day, mop kitchen every day, clean bathrooms everyday type). I'd rather have a messy house, and happy kids than a spotless house and neglected ones...LOL...Like they ever allowed me to "neglect" them either...LOL

Oh, and it is easier as they get older too...but speaking from experience, there is a "prime" time when they're great helpers, do everything that they should, cleaning wise, and you think you've finally reached them, only to have them hit teenager status, and all those helpful little things they did go away...LOL...I often tell my 18 YO that he was a better housekeeper at the age of 8...

Kristie - posted on 07/03/2012




I do my best with my 9,7 and almost 5 year old. I am not the best cleaner but I do my best. Hubby has never liked how I clean, and wants it his way. WTF ever. I usually mop and vacuum at night when it's the kids bedtime. I mop every other day(switches between floor cleaner and just water), my bathroom gets cleaned when I spill the cat litter all over the floor or dogs drag toilet paper all over floor. bedroom eeh when I get a chance to

Krista - posted on 07/03/2012




My husband and I work full time, but we devote ourselves to a half-hour/an hour (depending on our energy level) of cleaning after our son is in bed. You'd be surprised at what you can accomplish in an hour if you're uninterrupted and can really tackle it.

On the weekends, I just tidy a bit through the day to keep the mess from building up to war-zone levels, and then do a major tidy/vaccuum/cleanup when he naps.

And once a month, we bring in the big guns: a cleaning lady. :)

Kelina - posted on 07/03/2012




I don't. The floors get done once a week and everything else gets maintained as needed. Bathroom can go several weeks without getting done since it's easy for me to leave it and completely foret that it needs to be done. laundry gets done when my hubby runs out of pants or underwear. I' sure when baby gets a bit older I'll be able to keep on top of things a bit more but my youngest is two weeks and sleep time is precious so more things are sliding right now.

User - posted on 07/03/2012




I dont send all my time trying to clean because I know it won't get done. I spend plenty of time with them, since Im a stay at home mom. I just dont like living in chaos!

~♥Little Miss - posted on 07/03/2012




You don't :/ you really need to chose. Try to pick up and spend time with the kids, or be a raving lunatic in a sterile home and never spend any time with the kids. Just doing maintenance is sometimes the best I manage. My daughter is at an age, that as soon as I pick anything up, she will destroy 2 more things before I am done with the one. She is a freaking tornado.

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