How do you keep harmful products away from you kids?

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I get a headache trying to think what is harmful and what is safe to my kids. I try to buy organic if the price is not crazy. Shampoo, body wash, handwash. that advertise natural and are on sale...But how do you keep up? Is there a source that you rely on for this information? Should I trust the product when it says there are no harmful chemicals.


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I just glance at the ingredients list. I have a list of chemicals I avoid in foods:
Aspartame, HIgh Fructose Corn Syrup, Monosodium Glutamate, added trans fats, Sodium Sulphite, Sodium Nitrate, Sodium Nitrite, BHA, BHT, Sulphur Dioxide, and Potassium Bromate. If it has any of those ingredients, we don't buy it. I also TRY to avoid artificial dyes, but that is nearly impossible. I do steer clear of Blue #1 & #2, Red #3 & #40, Yellow #6, and Yellow Tartrazine--if it has those, I don't buy it.

I'm not as strict with soaps, but I use Trader Joe's shampoo, conditioner, and body washes. I also like their body butter. It's not truly organic, but they do not add a lot of the harmful chemicals and artificial perfumes that others do. I make my own laundry detergent with washing soda, borax, and Ivory soap. It is not safe if ingested (Just because it is natural or organic does NOT mean it is completely safe!), but it is very gentle and my son's extreme eczema has cleared up completely since I started using it 2 years ago.


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You are welcome :) I used to have a chart that told me why they were each dangerous....If I come across it today I'll post it.

I am becoming very active in the movement to label GMOs. GMO's are banned in several countries, but are still allowed in the US, and we do not even require companies to label them! I do not mind that companies are using GMOs, I just don't want to eat them. We need labels in order to make informed decisions. Luckily, I have a Trader Joe's nearby so I can now afford to buy GMO free products, but in most communities across the US the only way to avoid GMOs is to buy all organic....which is really expensive.

How do you feel about GMO's and the movement to get them labeled? The Grocery Manufacturers Association is spending millions on a campaign in Washington state to keep labels off our food while several grassroots groups are trying to fight it. I do not live in Washington state, but I am still active in trying to get the legislation to pass because I feel that if one state gets labels, it will be easier for others to do so.

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