How do you keep the stress level down?

Geishia - posted on 06/21/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




in dealing with family life, work life and relationships of all kinds


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I have a fairly long commute too and from work which everyone thinks I'm crazy but it gives me time to relax and unwind. No one is there bothering me and it gives me time to think, by the time I get home I don't care about work and by the time I get to work I'm not worried about what happened at home! Try to get out by yourself a couple of hours a week, go for a walk, go window shopping, get a massage, a manicure or pedicure, just do something for you since we moms usually don't do anything for ourselves! Find someone you can confide in your husband, a friend, your mom....just someone who you can talk to who will listen and not judge , just make sure you return the favor. Once the kids are asleep I usually watch tv or read a book. One of my favorite things to do to relax is take a hot shower, I stay in till I run out of hot water! Sometimes you just need to shut yourself off from everyone, especially if they're bringing the stress, I don't know what people did before caller id because now you can ignore all those people!


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I teach meditation. I have made a rule that before I work, when my daughter is sent to daycare, I sit for at least 10 min. with my eyes closed. You can do it in your car or wherever. But just the reconnecting with myself before getting to th eto do list is an amazing help. I can highly recommend it : )

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I have to agree with Stina, praying is my best stress relief! Being able to give all my worries to God clears my mind and prepares me for my day. I don't do it so much anymore but when my son was younger i used to go for a walk every day. It really helped too. I also have my mum watch my son once a month for a day so i can have a day all to myself.

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It's really hard for me to deal with all that's going on in my life. 5 kids, three of which are 3, three of which most certainly have special needs, one to the point of requiring 24 hour nursing care... It's quite hard to even get out of the house!

We have a date night (myself and my husband) every week. It's usually Thursday, but occasionally we have to change it, but we always go out one night without kids each week. It's usually just a few hours, supper, sometimes a movie, generally followed by grocery shopping. We goof off, joke, act like the kids we were when we met vs the parents we are stuck being with the kids around needing continual care.

Every night before bed, I read. Sometimes it's just 10 minutes. Others it's a couple hours. It's the only way I can wind down enough to sleep, regardless of how tired I am.

I play online, talk to friends. I research nearly every day! It's not really less work than caring for the kids, but it's different work. It is certainly an education, although not in the sitting at school sense. I am learning to improve the quality of my daughter's life, which is much more important to me than any career. And every time I have questions of the doctors, they listen, we discuss it, and I'm able to understand something I missed or give input the doctor hadn't considered. Working together, hopefully we can make my daughter's life as happy as possible for as long as we can.

Work - very stressful. I've never been fired from a job. Actually, I've always been well loved! I'm outspoken and blunt, but work exceptionally hard as well. Everything I consider a fault in myself also has a positive side to it. I accept myself for who I am, and that made work very fun for me overall. I did quit my old job though to care for my daughter last fall. If a job doesn't fit you, determine why and find out what you can do to change it. Are you working in the wrong field? In just the wrong setting? With people you cannot stand? Bad hours? Do you need different or further training? So much can be done, really.

I hope you find some ways to relieve stress soon. :)

Stina - posted on 06/21/2010




I try to take time first thing in the morning to pray and spend some time reading a devotion.

And I run a few times a week. It's a great outlet, is good for me and makes me feel good about myself.

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