How do you know if you've had a miscarriage??

Jessykah - posted on 04/17/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




ok so i got my period the first of this month. And a week later i stopped bleeding. I have paraguard and i get heavy bleeding the first week and then i just spot a little and then it stops. But since the 8th this month (Today is April 17) ive been like spotting and everytime i go to the bathroom and wipe i see like red/brownish discharge and this morning i started cramping out of nowhere it wasnt for too long but it was kinda painful (not as bad as contrations or labor though) i went to the bathroom and when i got up and turned around to flush the toilet i saw like a red glob i tried to see what it was but it looked like tissue or something and then it just sank down and i couldnt see. Could it have been a miscarriage?? im just wondering cuz a friend told me almost the exact same story and she says she probably had a miscarriage so im wondering if i could of had one too, or was it just a clot from my period??


Alison - posted on 04/17/2012




I don't want to get into too many details, but when I miscarried at 9 weeks it was a fleshy colour. I have read that many women miscarry in the first month and think it is a late period. If you are concerned you could get blood tests for pregnancy hormones. That is how they ensure that a miscarriage was complete and no D&C is necessary.

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