How do you know when your baby is read for one nap? How do you transition them?

Kari - posted on 11/29/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




My daughter is 14 months old. She still naps in the morning, around 10ish, and then I try putting her down again around 2ish, and she's been quite difficult to get down lately. Could she be ready for one nap?



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Tabby - posted on 11/29/2010




A friend who has had 3 kids (her youngest being 1) explained to me that when they are ready to start taking 1 nap you'll notice... for example my daughter's naps are at 10 and 3 with bedtime at 7 (she's 10 months). So instead of being ready for a nap at 10 like normal she might stay wanna stay up until noon and sleep till 2. Since she slept later than usual she won't need her nap at 3... I'd try not putting your little one down in the morning and waiting until you notice her usualy signs that she's tired and see what happens... Good Luck!

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I would try to skip the morning nap if she is not cranky and just put her down for the afternoon nap, even if you need to move it up an hour. If she is having difficulty going down for an afternoon nap after she has had a morning nap, you don't want to push her and if you skip, she will probably be cranky and falling asleep by dinner time.

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Every baby is different, but I can tell you how it went with my son. Up until around 15 months, he was waking at 7ish, napping at around 10 (for about an hour), then afternoon nap around 2 (about an hour and a half) and to bed around 8ish. Sometime around 15 months he dropped his morning nap. He just refused to go to sleep in the mornings anymore. So that's when we readjusted (again) our schedule to his needs. You can always try to let her stay up and skip the morning nap and see what happens, what her temperment is like. But just to let you know, once my son dropped his morning nap and was down to just one, that one nap would happen around noonish - 1pm instead of 2. His one nap was pretty much centered right in the middle of his waking hour and bed hour. And that one nap was longer. He'd sleep for 2 hours, sometimes longer. Hope this helps :)

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