How do you know your done having babies?

Christina - posted on 12/03/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )





I am a mother of 8 beautiful children.
They range in age from 13 to 6 months.
I am turning 36 this month and said to myself I would stop at 35.
My husband want one more. I love being pregnant and would love to as well, but part of me is saying 8 is enough.
How did you ladies know when you were done having babies???


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Michelle - posted on 12/03/2014




It really is a personal decision. If you love being pregnant, and both your husband and you would want another, then what really is there to stop you? I thought I would be "too old" by the time I hit my mid-30s but I ended up having 2 completely healthy, beautiful children. I had my youngest when I past 40. If you're financially able and all your children are happy and thriving, I don't think anyone should judge you.

Maybe you should think about why you think you should've been done at age 35. Is it just because of the age factor?

Sarah - posted on 12/03/2014




I would have had more than four, actually I did but lost twins at birth. What held me back was financial reasons and my husband is ten years older than me. The twins were born when I was 37, I needed a lot of time to grieve and my next one was already five. As that gap widened it seemed less and less reasonable. Pray about it.

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