How do you motivate your High School Senior to Excel to the Finish line Graduation? And College?

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I'm so concerned and I don't know how to address it without it back firing on me. I believe he is overwhelmed with becoming an adult and the many new responsibilities it entitles. I want the beginning of his adult life to be a positive one. How do I turn his drive on? He hasn't gotten motivated to get a driver’s license, he is coasting thru Senior year and we are in the confusing time of college applications, SAT's, ACT's, entrance deadlines, etc.,


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It's all about choices. At his age, he could quite literally choose ANY path in life. However, the better his grades, the more paths he has to choose from. If his grades aren't good, then he is automatically cutting himself off from an entire host of options - some of which might have been really, really cool. Some of the coolest jobs -- the ones where you meet interesting people, and travel the world, and make a good living -- are jobs that require some pretty specialized education. And the competition for those educational spots is pretty fierce. So if he gets good grades, then he gets a better chance of having that really cool job and living that really cool life.

I think right now he's having a hard time seeing beyond right now. So as his mom, you can sit and talk with him about what he envisions for his life in 10 years. Have some fun with it -- no pressure. Just talk about where he sees himself living, and what kind of house/apartment he'd be in. Would he be travelling? What's his workday like? What kind of job would make him excited to get up in the morning?

Getting him to visualize it helps create a bit of an end goal. And then you work backwards from there. What steps do you take to lead to that life?

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