How do you punish a two year old? Time-Out's? Hit on the bottom/ or on the hand?


Kate CP - posted on 02/22/2012




I don't hit my kids. Remove them from the situation, time out of necessary. Redirect.


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It depends really on what they've done or not done in some cases.

I often use time outs. It seems to be most effective for my 2 year old. Although for most things it isn't nessicary. I always explain WHY she's in trouble.

For somethings like spilling I make her clean it up. It isn't so much as a punishment (especially since it is often an accident) as teaching her that is just what you do.

There are times she's gotten a tap on the hand. I only use it when what she was about to do could seriously hurt her, like reaching for something hot. I've found for her that works better than distraction or a time out.

Liz - posted on 02/22/2012




I don't usually need to punish my two year old. The purpose of punishment is to provide an incentive not to do something again. At the age of two, my daughter is sufficiently upset if I merely do the following:-

- get down so that we are on the same eye level

- speak firmly, in a low and disapproving tone

- tell her that what she did is wrong and she is not to do it (I include the description of what she did, e.g. 'No, you do NOT throw your food from the table! It is naughty."

- I ask her if she understands, she usually says yes, looking very sad

- I ask her to 'say sorry'. She does.

- I give her a light kiss or a little hug and say she is a good girl to say sorry and that mommy still loves her.

As and when we need to introduce something else, it will be a timeout in a designated spot in the house from which she cannot see the TV, can be seen easily and cannot reach anything to throw it or break it for attention.

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