How do you respond when someone trys airing/causing drama on facebook?

Amy - posted on 09/02/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




My SIL got mad at me tonight because I stuck my nose into something that isn't really my business. Well my brother wrote something on my facebook wall that isn't true. I didn't respond to it via facebook because my feeling is he should of called me directly if he had a problem with what I said. His message although not horrible said that everyone hates his wife but he loves her. I responded with a text message saying nobody hates her and that I thought it was bs he put that on my page. I think I'm more annoyed that he didn't come to me directly and have it out with me. I was just wondering what other moms have done in situations where someone tries to take a private matter public?


Jane - posted on 09/02/2011




1) Tell them not to take a private matter public, that what they said isn't true and they know it, and remind them that once anything is on the Internet it is there forever.

2) If they challenge you, then tell them to keep it private or you will block them because you don't want it on your page.

3) If they persist, then either unfriend them or block them, depending on the intensity of the affront.

And tell your SIL that if he puts it on your wall then you are not sticking your nose in, just responding. It is quite possible, though, that your brother doesn't realize that if he updates his status it will show up on the walls of every person on his friend list. He may not have been aiming it at you specifically.

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