How do you say no to little girl who wants a mouse soo bad...

Joy - posted on 03/09/2012 ( 5 moms have responded )




that she worked so hard & did research to put together a whole display board & presentation for the family last night to make her case? Especially when part of the reason why she wants the mouse is to spare his life from being eaten by a snake...she was in tears over it. This is so hard, cuz we have a dog & she has a turtle, the girls feed & walk the dog and I make sure he has fresh water & take him to the vet/groomer. Lexi feeds her turtle, but I turn on his light everyday, change his water, add hay to his cage & bring him to the vet. I don't think she has the time to give the turtle the attention it needs, never mind a mouse to. I know I'm the one who is going to have to clean his cage & I don't want to take on that responsibility. Not to mention, her room is a cluttered mess. Am I being a mean mom? HELP!!


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I would say that if she wants the mouse, she has to prove to you that she is responsible enough to take care of the mouse. So she's going to have to step up her game with regards to the dog and the turtle, AND her room. If she can take over all of the pet care (minus the vet visits, of course), and keep her room clean for a pre-determined period of time, then perhaps she could have the mouse.

At any rate, congrats on raising a daughter who sounds as though she is not only loving and kind, but also extremely clever, to have put together such a presentation pleading her case! I'm impressed!


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Sarah - posted on 03/09/2012




I think it's really sweet of her to want to spare another animal from a painful death. What a great, empathetic child you have raised. If she has the time to research and put together a display board and presentation, perhaps she has the time to care for a mouse? Really, it's not that long of a time to take care of them (I've had them in the past). Maybe 1/2 hour once a week to clean the cage (have her do it on a Saturday) and a few minutes every day to feed. In my opinion, it's great for kids to learn responsibility for animals because one day they may be responsible for a life, it teaches them responsibility and empathy. Maybe there needs to be rules around her other responsibilities first, like if she can prove she can take better care of her room and start doing some more care for her turtle then she can get the mouse. Maybe set a time limit, like 3 months of responsible behaviour (you can tick the days off on the calendar) and she can get it. You don't mention how old she is, so this is the best advice I could give assuming she's school age (6-12ish).

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You're not being're being reasonable.

First off...YUCK!! we pay good money to exterminators to rid us of mice..not cage them and keep the filthy things as pets.

A little extreme? Maybe.

Tell her's a reality of life that you don't always get what you want. Teach her that at home so she won't be so devistated when it happens somewhere else.

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I don't like the idea of giving up one loved pet to trade for another. That does not teach good ethics or morals to trade one loved being for another.

I would recommend telling her that once she has kept her room clean for a month, continues to care for her other duties, chores, and school work, that you will take it into consideration. She is obviously passionate about animals, and this is something that you should embrace. Let her know all the things she will have to do to keep the mouse healthy, and if she does not, then she does not get anymore pets if it becomes your task. I would totally let her.

I do like the idea of giving her allowance for the chores she does in order for her to pay for the cost of the mouse, cage, wheel, shavings, and dishes. But, mice get lonely so you may want 2. Of course of the same sex though.

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What about an exchange? The turtle for the mouse? Or when the turtle has expired then get the mouse. I think you guys can really get alot out of her. She is self motivated and is very intelligent. Make a goal chart including end dates. Encourage her diligence to make it happen. It is in HER hands literally. She has the power to declutter her room and be responsible. Have her take over ALL the stuff YOU do for her pets. I would give it a 6 month gauge.She will either persevere or will have changed her mind in the mean time.

I'm gonna do this the next time my son asks for something that costs cash. He will need to scrub the toilets and bath tub and floors. He is a freak when it comes to germs so I figure it will take a lot of courage and actual time to get these things done. Once he figures out that he is getting paid for his time and effort put into the project he will know the value of the dollar. It's a whole new world when you have to EARN it yourself...

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