How do you stop pouting at t-ball games?

Shelly - posted on 06/02/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




My 5 year son just started t-ball and pouts at every game. He doesn't want to go into the outfield or pouts after trying to bat and missing. He saw a walkie talkie at the dollar store that he wanted and I told him if he didn't pout at his games that he could get it. But that didn't seem to help today. How do I stop this behavior?


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My son did the exact same thing with t-ball at age 5. It turns out that he didn't like playing as much as we thought he did, and I felt like crap demanding he get out on the field. He liked playing when he made a play. He hated playing when he missed the ball, or didn;t throw it good. 5 year olds pout though....part of growing up.

It turned out that after trying t-ball, football, basketball, gymnastics- what my son really loves and is so passionate about, and quite good is karate! He excels at karate and advanced a few ranks in the short year & a half he's been doing karate. We just needed to run the gammut of activities to see what he likes best. He is 7 now and we still offer him the opportunity to sign up for different events, but he declines. He found his niche. I would say to yo unot to push or bribe. Let your son figure out what he likes, and then go with that. Perhaps karate as an indiviudal sport, perhaps swimming, perhaps he's more into art or music. Good luck to you!

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