How do you teach a 6 year old to entertain themselves?

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My 6 year old daughter always wants to go out. Last night we came back from vacation. We went to an amusement park, tropicarium/kid science center, and did some sight-seeing as well. The days were long and busy. She went to bed later than normal and was exhausted on the train ride home (we all were). She actually asked what we had planned for tomorrow and was absolutely irate when we said we're taking it easy. It is always this way with her we do lots of activities together festivals, nature walks, pretty much if anything free/cheap and for kids happens in town we are there but she still feels deprived. I actually have her in the after school program despite being a stay at home mom because of her high social needs. When we don't physically leave the house we play games inside, do educational activities, watch movies, paint/draw/make jewelry you know the usual stuff. We also talk a lot (she talks nonstop). She doesn't like being at home though and thinks its boring and that we are terrible parents not having epic plans everyday. I know we do a lot of activities with her because during a parent/teacher conference we received high praise for doing so many engaging activities and yet she complains nonstop to us personally. I want to do things with her and for her obviously but she seems like an ungrateful brat. She seems to believe it is our job to entertain her. How do you get a child to play alone? Stop taking everything for granted? And stop nagging?


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A little boredom is good for a child. You are going to have to step up and let her be bored. In that time of boredom, I would hope she decides to do one of two things for herself: 1) Decide to do something or 2) Stay bored. Maybe the reason she thinks she needs to do a lot things on an epic scale is that you do a lot of things from home. Maybe it is time that you do more things at home. You also need to tell her that when she does not get her way that is how life works. She needs to realize that having a fit is not going to get her anything she wants. She needs to learn that the world does not revolve around her wants or desires all the time because that is what it sounds like to me: That she is given into for those out of house activities. You need a game plan. You should set up one activity a week to do out of the home. You can do the same activity or do a different one a week. Taking in everything that is offered is going to wear down you and dad and she expects it! When you plan a vacation, do not plan it all around her. Plan some activities she can still do with you but has the adults in mind to so she can learn how to behave in all social situations.

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