How do you train a 3-year old girl?

Jennifer - posted on 10/18/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have a somewhat potty trained 3-year old girl. We have used a sticker system with chart and she gets a "present" when filled which seemed to work for a while. She is now in big girl pants all the time except pull-ups at nap time and bedtime. She will not poo on the potty for anything and I don't know what to do about that. We get sick of cleaning up that mess. Do I bribe her with something else besides the stickers on the chart? Also she never tells me she has to go pee pee on the potty, I just put her on every few hours and sometimes that is a fight. She has had several accidents at home, one of them being right in front of the toilet. She also doesn't get that excited about getting the stickers any more once she has peed on the potty. We have yelled at her and I know yelling never helps nor do we like doing that to her, but my husband and I are so frustrated. Please help!!


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Christy - posted on 10/18/2011




SAME THING HERE! My daughter turned 3 at the end of Aug and I have to sit her on the pot to get her to go. She will poo most of the time on it, but recently she started to "hold it in." I have figured out when she normally needs to poo, and started giving her 4 ounces of undilluted apple juice WHILE she sits on the pot. It works and she poos right away. Of course I do not plan to do this forever, just until she realizes that she feels the need to poo. My pediatrician suggested this, BTW.

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