how do you treat a man who cheats?

Homba - posted on 08/26/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




I am a mum, my man does everything to me, but he switches of the phone whenever he is with me. three months ago I lost my second phone, and around the same days I found a very similar phone in my closet. it looked used and old, when I asked him, he to me he bought it but I didn't know about it. it was locked and he did not have the pin cos he said he forgot the pin.i was busy with other things and forgot about that but surprising enough, recently I heard a text msg on his phone, seemed like he was invited by someone. he never goes out in the evenings and first thing he did was to make love to me so that I don't worry where he goes.he came just at mid-nyt.i heard him open the door and went to the kitchen, I went after him cheerful and I wanted to switch on the light, next thing he told me was that he doesn't need the light.he sat on the floor like he does when he makes big mistakes and ate some food I the morning when he had left, I found the phone I lost from our old place where we lived in our new place on the cupboard. I was confused cos eventually I bought myself another similar phone, I looked carefully but fun enough it was on. I was very upset cos I realised he must have exchanged my phone with someone else's phone. its like this person who gives my phone back wants me to be aware of her,especially that we had good holidays away as family.when I asked him he seem not to be aware of my lost found fone and he tells me he found it between the seats in my car which I drive can I treat such a person? there is age difference of 16 years between us and I still love him soo much but I hate his unfaithful behaviour.when I am away, I find my house very clean, with new plants which he never buys cos I take care of that myself, he wants us to go separate ways during x-mas cos my family is far but I am afraid someone comes to my house.on his birthday, he went to the office but did not report, I brought him some surprise only to find out he was absent,instead he went somewhere else, how do I treat his next birthday? should I be around?

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