how do you ween a 10 month old off of the boob?


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Dove - posted on 10/24/2012




It is more likely the age than the fact that she is breastfed. Even if you wean she's still going to want to be held the same.

My suggestions.... get a sling or baby carrier and hold her when you can. Set her down when you can't and talk to her while you do whatever needs to be done. I know it feels like this stage is going to last forever, but I guarantee you it is really just a short blip on the radar of parenting. Hang in there!

Linda - posted on 10/24/2012




Very needy for my attention and very whiney all of the time until I breastfeed her. It's the only thing that quiets her, but she is draining me in more ways than one and I can"t get anything done because she either has to be held(while standing only) or has to have the boob! What to do? Any ideas that work? HELP!

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