how does a mom cope seeing her daughter suffer with chemo and dreaded leukemia diseas


KRISTI - posted on 01/21/2015




I pray things are going well with your daughter! My son was diagnosed with AML in March of 2013. He went through treatments and was in remission for 4 months when we found out he had relapsed! More treatments and then a Bone Marrow transplant in April of 2014! He is doing great and right on track for recovery! I tell you this to say, just keep praying for strength! I also pray for your strength and comfort!


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Milagros - posted on 06/14/2014




i know give it to our heavenly father jehova WITH ALL YOUR HEART for him nothing is imposible in his son jesus i will pray for your daughter n you nyour family tonight god bless her n everyonetonight please if NYONE ELSE sees this join me tonight in a chain of prayer for this angel tonight please

Pat - posted on 06/14/2014




Trying to do that and I stumbled on this site to day. Robin Roberts was so lucky her sister was the match for her bone marrow transplant. I tried to reach out to her to get the word out for people to be a donor and get in the registry. But didn't have any success

Chet - posted on 06/14/2014




I don't know. I have a cousin with cancer though, serious enough that she could be declared terminal, and I have said over and over again that I feel worse for her family than I do for her.

When you're the person with the disease you have nothing to do but get through it. It's your battle, and fighting it occupies your time and your energy. When you're the family of the person you can't really help to bear the burden. You can't eat for somebody. You can't sleep for somebody. You can endure pain for somebody. And it's really difficult to watch helplessly. I think a lot of these cancer fundraisers come from being who can't stand to be idle and who want to do something, ANYTHING that might help, even if it's down the road and makes the difference for somebody else's son or daughter.

I have a disability and I think it was harder on my mom than it was on me. I know a lot of people who grew up with disabilities and it was really hard for their parents, because they had to watch. They had to watch the doctors and nurses and procedures and struggles.

Anyway, find other moms in your situation. Take advantage of all of the supports available to you. Reach out and build a strong network of support. Find people you can talk to and lean on.

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