How does one forgive infidelity?


Amy - posted on 01/05/2013




Some people can't forgive, if that's the case you get a divorce and move on. There is no point staying together if you're unhappy.

Juliannemarie - posted on 01/05/2013




You get a divorce and move on. You deserve better. Men cheat because of their own issues. It doesn't make you any less of a person. If staying makes you unhappy, its the wrong thing to do. Its better to be happy alone than miserable with someone else.


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Deanna - posted on 01/05/2013




My husband cheated on me for 2 years with my very best friend. The 3 of us ate out, went to garage sales, she was at our house a lot. She told horrendous lies about her husband. She called us mom and pops, she was 12 years younger than me. She was nothing to look at and was somewhat mentally challenged. I am attractive, or so I have been told, college educated, and can do most anything! I have lost all respect and love for my husband. When he got caught at her house by her husband he told me - if I had not been caught I would still be doing it. How can I forgive him? I am still with him however, I will never give him the same kisses as before, he will never sleep in my bed, and he will never be intimate with me again! He has never shown any remorse. He broke a sacred contract and committed a sin, the 7th commandment. I am angry and I am deeply hurt. I stay but am very unhappy. We have been married for 18 years, second time around for both, and we are in our 60's. Are there any solutions to this mess???

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