How early can you tell if a child will be left or right-handed? My daugher is only 10 weeks old but I'm already noticing she's reaching for everything with her left hand.


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According to my sister in law, who works in early childhood development, babies are ambidextrous until at least 18months, when they'll start to develop a preference for one hand, and then their brain will ingrain this preference for life. I was totally left handed as a small child, only ever holding things with my left hand, yet when I picked up a crayon for the first time, mum noticed it was with my right hand- and I am now right handed.

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They say it can be determined by how you hand things to your child ie, if you are right handed and stand in front of you baby and hand him/her something they will most likely take it with their left hand (directly across - mirror image) Opposite for lefties.

Don't know if it is true or not, just thought I'd share.

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My son was the same way and to this day (he's 2 yrs 3 mo.) he still shows favortism with his left hand. If I put his fork in his right hand he will switch it to his left hand to use it. And almost always picks stuff up with his left hand. I am definitely thinking he is going to be a lefty.....but we will just have to see!! :)

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Never try to encourage a child to choose one hand over the other! Allow them to choose and select THEIR preference! By forcing a child it can lead to problems. One paper suggests it can lead to behavioural problems.

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Young children don't show a hand preference that is definately noticable until they are about two or three. My youngest children are 2 1/2 year old twins, and they use their right hand a lot, but still use their left hand to play and pick up things. My hubby is left handed, and I am right handed. My oldest daughter is 10 and she is right handed, and it was very noticable when she was 3. My ex-husband is right handed. So I don't know if it has anything to do with genetics??

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My son started working this his left hand and them moved to his right hand and then back to his left hand before the age of 7 months so I'm still not sure which had he'll be more comfortable using.

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I have 2 left handed children, and no one on either side is a lefty it all depends on what u want her to be, it didnt matter to me. but if she reaching with left just start working with her and she will be left handed. but if u want her to be right handed give her everything in her right hand its all up to u mom... :0) good luck

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I agree! Lefties are all a good! Was just curious since her father and I are both right-handed...

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They usually don't really "choose" until between 3-5 years of age. She may show a preference before then, but she probably won't end up being right or left handed until she's older. Plus, there's nothing wrong with being left-handed! :)

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