how early is an early detection pregnancy test?


Lauren - posted on 04/21/2010




I took one of those "5 day before your missed period" pregnancy tests and it came up negative. Then I went to the doctor the next day and they did and pregnancy test and it came up positive. So i don't think they are that accurate, but thats just my opinion.

Brandi - posted on 04/20/2010




I think it really depends on you. With my son, it showed up immediately. With my daughter, it didn't and I knew that I was pregnant (we had been trying) and the regular test at the doctor's office didn't even pick it up. The blood test did though, so they told me that my HCG (or whatever they are) were not high enough to be picked up by the urine dip tests.

Iridescent - posted on 04/20/2010




Mine came positive at 11 days (3.5 weeks pregnant counting from LMP), so 3 days before my period was due, with my last one.

Brandee - posted on 04/20/2010




They claim 5 days before missed period, but mine was negataive until 2 days before my missed period.

Louise - posted on 04/20/2010




Some pregnancy kits can pick up hormone changes 3-5 days before a period, but be warned with both my boys I had a negative test. I would try and wait for a missed period to get an accurate reading. Fingers crossed!


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Danielle - posted on 04/21/2010




It's up to 5 days before your period. Key phrase "up to."

Tammy - posted on 04/20/2010




My period was due to arrive in three days when I took an early pregnancy test. It was negative, but my period was extremely regular and when it didnt arrive three days later, I knew I was pregnant. I waited another 4 days after that to take a test and it was positive then. So dont quite trust the early pregnancy tests!

Connie - posted on 04/20/2010




they claim 5 days but it took me 2 months to be able to turn a dr test with my first. in contrast, my sister turned one 2 weeks before she missed her first period, so it just depends. i try to wait until after i miss before i worry about it. good luck and God bless

Julie - posted on 04/20/2010




since my kids are young adults or older teens, i've always felt to really wait until you've missed your menses, then contact your doctor. i recall i wanted to know right away and when i had my second daughter i was a day late and i was kind of pregnant (my numbers in my blood count weren't high enough at that time which of course it was a friday and to make matters worse when they did the vaginal ultra sound it was fuzzy and the doctor said 'this has never happend before come back monday. i was not the most patient person back in my late 20's and so i put my trust in God, yet still attempting not to be impatient ha ha. so during the weekend our first daughter said 'mommy why are you throwing up all of the time and my breast were tender, i knew in my heart i was pregnant. so when i went to the dr on monday and did my blood work as well as my urine test which was positive :) then my blood work came back and my numbers were through the roof. i ended up having a beautiful 11.8 oz baby girl. i hope this helped. jules

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