how far along do u have to be in order to hear the baby's heartbeat??


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Cheyenne - posted on 01/14/2012




thank u! im 6 weeks today and i still got another 2 weeks still b4 i go for my ultrasound :) gona be hard to be patient but thank u for commenting and helping me out!

Kristy - posted on 01/14/2012




Usually around 6 weeks. I had a scan at six weeks and there was no heart beat yet. I was told to go see the doctor and get another referrel and come back in 7 days as that is when we would know if it was a viable pregnancy. I went for the first scan to check that i didn't have an etopic pregnancy, so not related to seeing bubs heartbeat at all. Went back to the doctor for something else after stressing for a week about the baby and the doctor told me it can take up to 8 weeks to see the heartbeat, so i din't need to stress about it. At my 12 week scan everything was fine, so maybe ask the doctor and see what they say. Good luck.

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