How I can change my daughters last name to mine?

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I have a 3yr old daughter who's dad only was in her life the first year of her life and has been out of her life for about 1 1/2 yrs now and has no intentions of having a relationship with her he changed his number n deleted her FB account and i just found out he's having another baby with someone else. The most important reason I would like to change my daughters last name is because she gets really upset when I mention her full name when we go to the dr or at school she just doesn't like it she says that her last name is not that n mentions my last name instead so I'm not sure why she's reacting that way because I have never talked to her about her dad in a bad way plus I don't know if she even understands that's her dad's last name I've never even told her that but I have a nine yr old son that has my last name n well maybe she's confused n thinks that because he has my last name she should too it's so confusing for her so I know that it's best if she has my last name


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I have looked into changing my kids last name as there father in not active in their lives. When I looked into it the process was basically the same as a divorce. You file a petition to have the names changed, they serve a copy to the father and he has a certain amount of time to contest the petition or he can sign and agree with it. If he signs then the court orders a decree and the names are changed. If he contests it then you go to mediation. I would imagine this is the normal process for any father whose name is on the birth certificate. But I am not sure. You will most likely need to look up your state laws or contact an attorney.


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Are you in the US? If so, contact your state's department of vital statistics. They will tell you what procedures to use to go about getting this started.

You may have to petition the courts, you may have to allow time for others to comment, or state why you shouldn't be allowed to do that.

Each state in the US has different procedures.

We had to change my son's name due to the hospital's inability to read plain english (they misspelled his name). Even though we (his bio parents) are and have been married for 24 years, we still had to petition the courts for the permission to have his name changed. It was a 6-8 week process.

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Except that you may need the father's permission if he is on the birth certificate.

Theresa - posted on 11/20/2013




ask a lawyer for free online. I think you can fill out a form for 75.00 to change a name.

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