How I can get help getting stuff for my baby ?

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Im in great need of baby stuff. Im only 17 and am due with a boy in July. I can't get a job to earn money to buy his stuff because all the places i have tried wont hire pregnant women. My boyfriend has a job, but still has to pay bills which doesnt leave extra spending money for baby stuff. Does anyone have anything they are getting rid of ?


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Amy - posted on 05/10/2012




Try garage or yard sales you may find some awesome stuff really cheap. We actually had a very young girl stop at ours last weekend she was with her parents and looking for baby stuff. She bought some stuff and we told her to come back the next day and she could have whatever was left because we were just going to donate it anyway. We ended up giving her a bunch of stuff because I'd rather give it to someone who really needs it then to drop it in a bin and have no idea where it ends up.

Kaitlin - posted on 05/10/2012




Are you on WIC yet? Do that right away. How's your support system? Work on getting that in line too.
Churches often help, as do thrift stores, and it is yard sale season, so I would check that out too to find stuff on the cheap.

Katherine - posted on 05/10/2012




You can't solicit on here, but have you ever tried freecycle? Go to and sign up. People are more than willing to help.

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