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Mardi - posted on 09/09/2013




The old fav is to hide the negative between two

Haven't you played well for the last hour.....shame it didnt last longer and now we have to pack up, but maybe when we have finished we can find something else to do?

You have played well, but you shouldn't have hit little Jonny, so once you have done some time out, maybe you can come back and play nice some more.....

You have to remember, accidents happening and childhood is full of learning processess. Once you get your head around that, keep the communication lines open, but remember your the parent, so your in charge (they can be when they have their own children). Punishment needs to be seen as a way to make amends or make up for what happened, sometimes that requires a little thinking time (out), and as they get bigger, it may involve manual labour (mow the lawns, take out bins, be mums helper doing hte housework for the day).

Gena - posted on 09/09/2013




I dont know how old your kids are but you can try Timeouts or depends on how old they are maybe take something cellphone/gameboy etc.And tell them how long you are taking it away.Or no tv for a day.

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